How to Grow: Daisies - My First Garden

We absolutely adore daisies, not only because they are simply lovely to look at but because they are our Grandma’s namesake. As such, we like to fill our My First Gardens to the brim with these cheerful sunshine yellow and white little beauties that are easy to grow and maintain even for the newest of little green thumbs and will bloom undisturbed for years. If white isn’t your colour there are daisy varieties that come in a whole rainbow of hues, so take your pick!  

What you’ll need 

  • My First GardenTM
  • Quality potting mix
  • Daisy seeds from your local nursery (We chose Bellis perennis often known as the common or English daisy)
  • Water
  • General-purpose fertiliser (organic where possible)

How to grow

  • Choose a sunny spot for your raised garden bed
  • Add potting mix leaving about 5cm at the top
  • Sow seeds and cover with potting mix (leave a couple of centimetres off the top)
  • Water regularly until germination occurs (usually within 2 weeks)
  • Continue to keep well-watered and add a general-purpose fertiliser in its early stages and about once a month afterwards

How to make a freshly picked daisy chain

Now what to do with all those gorgeous flowers flourishing in your raised garden bed… How about a daisy chain for your little bohemian princess? Flower crowns are oh so trendy right now and incredibly easy to make for kids and parents alike. Here’s how:

  • Cut flower stems (about 12cm in length) and take off extra greenery.
  • Cross one flower stem over another. Tie the top one over the other in a tight knot.
  • Lay the next flower further down and repeat.
  • Once you’ve reached the right length for your little ones head, weave the ends of the stems into the first flowers.
  • Done!
How to grow Daisies in your raised garden beds.

Girl playing in a daisy garden