Making your own magnets** for customising your child’s My First Garden is very simple. Just follow these 2 easy steps but remember adult supervision is required.

Materials needed:
Thick cardboard Magnets*
Hot glue / super glue or double sided sticky tape*

Warning: Hot glue guns and melted glue have the potential to burn the skin and should only be used by an adult.

Step 1.
Download and print your chosen magnet from the selection to the right.

Step 2.
Stick your chosen download to thick cardboard and cut out the shape.

Step 3.
Stick the cardboard shape to a magnet with either glue or tape using the methods below.

Stronger magnets
Stronger magnets need a stronger adhesive, so use hot glue or super glue.

Pour a small drop of glue on the back of the magnet. Using a wooden craft stick spread it over the entire back of the magnet. Press the magnet onto the cardboard and hold it down with your finger for 15 seconds while the glue sets.

Thin magnets
Thin magnets, like ones you would put on the back of a piece of cloth, attach well with tape.
If using tape; cut a piece of double-sided sticky tape long enough to cover the back of the magnet. Set the magnet, tape side down, onto the cardboard. Push down on the magnet for 10 seconds to stick it to the cardboard.

*These materials can be purchased from Bunnings Warehouse. Use the store locator to find your nearest store.
**These magnets are designed for use in covered areas.

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